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Auto Translate for YouTube™ captions

Auto Translate for YouTube™ captions – Chrome Webshop

17.02.2022 — This extension activates the auto-translate feature of Youtube™ with the chosen language automatically each time the captions function is …

This extension will activate the auto-translate feature of YouTube™ automatically, even if it’s not available in the menu.

Subtitles Player – Translate video Youtube

Undertekster afspiller – Oversæt video Youtube – Chrome Webshop

29.03.2022 — New translator for video Subtitles player – become independent of the language of the original files in training and entertainment.

Undertekster afspiller. Læsning og oversætte undertekster højt.

How to translate your Youtube subtitles – VEED

To translate your video’s subtitles, you’re first going to need the subtitles in their original language. If you’ve already uploaded your video to Youtube, you …

Video Translator – Translate Videos Online – VEED.IO

Translate Video. Click ‘Subtitles’ to automatically translate. … Edit your YouTube videos and translate them all online! Free! Edit videos online …

How to translate videos: 1. Upload Video. Add your video file(s). Just drag & drop, it’s super easy 2. Translate Video. Click ‘Subtitles’ to automatically translate.

How to Translate Youtube Subtitles Automatically – Maestra

How to Translate Youtube Subtitles Automatically | Maestra

07.07.2022 — Enter Youtube Studio · The Subtitles Section · Add Subtitles in New Languages · Translate the Subtitles of the Youtube Video · Upload the Transcript.

Let’s take a look at how to translate Youtube subtitles in various ways. Maestra allows you to automatically add subtitles to Youtube videos and translate them.

YouTube tools to translate your content – Google Help

Viewers who speak other languages can also find and watch any of your videos with subtitles. Same language captions make your videos available for hard-of- …

Translate your own video titles & descriptions – YouTube Help

Translate titles and descriptions · Sign in to YouTube Studio. · From the left Menu, select Subtitles. · Select a video. · If you haven’t selected the language for …

How to Use Auto-Translate and Closed Captions for YouTube …

How to Use Auto-Translate and Closed Captions for YouTube Videos

26.09.2022 — Enable Auto-Translate on the Web · Open the gear icon at the bottom of the video to the right of the Closed Caption icon. · Select Subtitles/CC in …

Language or volume shouldn’t stop you from enjoying videos on YouTube. Using closed captions, you can see the real-time words as well as hear them.

zTranslate – Translate Youtube on the App Store

This app will use the video’s original subtitles, then translate it into various languages, support over 110 languages.

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